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Friedrich August Rosen an Keturah Metcalfe (Witwe des Rev. John Jeffreys), März 1831

|1*|[a] Madame

I have to solicit |sic| your pardon for again troubling you with a letter: but as I have not been so fortunate as to obtain an answer to the one which I took the liberty of addressing to you some weeks ago<in January>, I <must> apprehend that by some accident it may not have reached you.

Baron <W.> Humboldt of Berlin, had when at London in 1828, had been informed by his friend Sir A. Johnston, that you possess have in your possession a manuscript Dictionary of the Madagascar or Malagasi Language, compiled by your late husband. Being now<at present> chiefly engaged in inquiries concerning the languages of<spoken in> the islands between the continents of Asia & Africa, Baron Humboldt is very desirous to obtain some further information on the nature of your late husbands work, and he has in his letters to me repeatedly expressed a wish, that through Sir A. Johnston’s kind intercession I might obtain<procure> a sight of the manuscript, and in order to report to him upon it. It was with this view that I ventured to write to you in January,<in January ventured to> request, write to you, requesting <that> you to send the would have the kindness, to send the Ms. to London, either to Sir A. Johnston himself, or to M.r Will. Huttmann, the Secretary of the RAS[b]; [in order] that I might<and thus> to give me an opportunity of examining it and describing it sending |2*| a full account of it to Baron Humboldt. I may be permitted to mention, that I before writing to you, I have <had <also>> spoken on the subject to your friend the Rev. M.r Arundell, who fully approved of my proposal.


    1. a |Editor| Der Entwurf befindet sich auf einer gedruckten, teilweise von Hand ausgefüllten Einladung der Royal Asiatic Society vom 8. März 1831 zu einer Sitzung des Oriental Translation Committee am 12. März 1831, signiert von William Huttmann. [FZ]
    2. b |Editor| D.h. Royal Asiatic Society.

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    • Grundlage der Edition: Marbach, Deutsches Literaturarchiv, 62.193

    Friedrich August Rosen an Keturah Metcalfe (Witwe des Rev. John Jeffreys), März 1831. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/1023


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