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Sir Alexander Johnston an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 15.10.1827

|144r| London
19. Great Cumberland Place
15 October 1827.

Dear Sir.

I have the pleasure to send you a translation of the ten commandments into what is called the Madegasse language which is spoken by a considerable portion of the people who inhabit the Northern & North East North West parts of |144v| Island of Mad<a>gascar. it is printed on that Island by the Missionaries who are stationed there who some time ago established a printing Press at the capitol of the country in what they reside. the Mad<d>egasse |sic| language is in general, I understand, written by the natives of the country in the Arabic character but the Missionaries only print it in the Roman character. |145r| I procured this specimen from the London Missionary Society who have just received it from Madagascar.

The Widow of the Missionary who is just returned to England is about to publish a dictionary of the Madegasse language which was compiled & prepared for the Press by her late husband.

I hope soon to procure |145v| for you some printed specimens of the languages of some of the inhabitants of New South Wales & of some of those who inhabi|t| the different South Sea Islands which have lately been visited by a member of the London Missionary Society.

Beg that you will do me the favor to present my compliments to Mr. A. Humboldt.

I am, Dear Sir
Yours very faithfully
Alex.r Johnston.

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Sir Alexander Johnston an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 15.10.1827. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/382


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