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Sir Alexander Johnston an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 24.07.1830

|148r| 19 Great Cumberland Place
24' July 1830

My dear Baron.

I have the pleasure to send you through the kindness of Baron Bulow some more specimens of the Madagascar language what has<have> been sent me by Sir Charles Colville the Governor of the Isle of France who sent me, as you may remember the specimen of the same language, which I had the pleasure of forwarding to you some time & so he ist a very active & efficient man in promoting |148v| the views of science & Literature within the limits of his Government. The en*** <following> is what he writes to me about the accompanying specimens in a letter dated the 30th of January < 10th February> 1830 from the Mauritius or the Isle of France "Your reception & that of Baron Humboldt of our Madagascar New Testament induces me to send you some more of the specimens of that language which have issued from the Missionary Press at Tananarivo on Madagascar. Mr Freeman a very intelligent Missionary just returned to Port Louis on the |149r| Mauritius from that country where he has been teaching in the native schools & inculcating our religion for some time past, will, I hope, enable me to communicate some interesting observations on the dialects of Madagascar. I have send to him what you mention upon the subject & no doubt but his zeal will be excited by those strong observations as to the importance of the subjects which Baron Humboldt has communicated to you. I send you what Mr Freeman has been able to give me at present. I hope to continue to send still more interesting papers on the dialects."

|149v| From the above extracts you will, my dear Baron, see how proud Sir Charles Colville & the Missionaries are of deserving your praise & how much it excites their zeal to know that I shall acquaint you with the results of their labors. therefore have the kindness to write me such a letter as I may send Sir C Colville showing that you approve of his labors & pointing out any method in which you think he may be able to further your able inquieries into the Madagascar dialects & those of the Islands which are in |150r| the neighbourhood of the Isle of France & with which that Island has any direct communication.

I hope we may expect |to s|ee[a] you in England. Lady |Joh|nston & I are quite happy |to se|e Baroness Bulow looking so well. Make our kind regards to your brother & tell him I am most anxious to see his lectures given at Berlin some time ago & also his other report, I understand, he has made upon his late travels through the Ural Mountains ect. Lady |150v| Johnston sends her compliments to you &

with sincere respect & esteem I am My dear Baron
Yours most faithfully
Alex.r Johnston
|Anschrift, um 90° im UZS gedreht|
His Excellency
Baron W. Humboldt
|Links daneben, als Absender| AJohnston


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