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Sir Alexander Johnston an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 07.10.1830

|151r| London
19. Great Cumberland Place
7.th October 1830

My dear Baron.

I have to thank you for a kind letter which Baron Bulow sent me from you the other day covering one for Sir Charles Colville & another for Mr. Freeman. I have perused both as you desired me & have been much gratified with the contents of them. Both Sir Charles Colville & Mr. Freeman will be urged to the greatest exertions by the flattering manner in which you have expressed yourself in your letter to them relative to the Zeal & activity which they have already arrived in collecting different specimens of the various languages or rather idioms of languages which |151v| perril in Madagascar. Your instructions & the manner in what you have analysed the specimens what Mr Freeman has sent you will put me<him> to the way of making the further collections which you want & will ultimately be of the greatest use in enabling all those who are employed on the same pursuits to Madagascar to procure & arrange for your inquiries a vast & useful mass of information.

I have by no means been able in endearing to procure from Mrs Metcalf the widow of the Missionary |152r| to whom you allude an account of what Her Husband did relative to his work on the Madagacar language as well as of what she wishes to accomplish relative to it now that he is dead. I wrote to her upon the subject & received an answer of which the enclosed **** copy. I would have sent you this copy a long time ago had not Rosen to whom I gave it to read told me that you had written to him relative to the work that I would immediately let you know all that had passed between Mrs. Metcalf & me about it |152v| Let me know if you wish me to take any steps about the work with Mrs. Metcalf & I shall be most happy to execute your commands.

I have today sent off for the Isle of France your letters to Sir Charles Colville & Mr Freeman & they will I dare say receive them in three months or perhaps ** less from the present date

Lady Johnston & my daughters are delighted to hear such good accounts of Miss Humboldt to whom both they & I beg to be most kindly remembered &

I am with great esteem & regard My dear Baron
Most truly yours
Alex.r Johnston

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Sir Alexander Johnston an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 07.10.1830. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/386


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