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John Pickering an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 23.07.1829

|47r| Sir,

Since I had the pleasure of writing to you, I have received, from the Historical Society established[a] in the neighbouring State of Rhode Island, a copy of their new edition of an ancient & curious work on the Indian Language of this part of the continent – originally published in 1643 – which the Society request me to present to you in their name. The language treated of is a dialect of the Delaware stock, and is substantially, if not identically the same with that of Eliot’s Grammar, which we now call the Massachusetts Language. I think you will find it to be a valuable addition to your Indian Library.

I also forward to you several Cherokee newspapers (13 in all) – in which you will find a[b] translation of nearly the whole Gospel of S.t Matthew, published (unfortunately for European readers) in the syllabic character invented by that nation. But you already have, in the Missionary Herald which I sent you, a key to this alphabet, by which you will be able to decypher |sic| the characters, though it will cost you some labour.

I observed to you, in my last letter, that my professional business occupied much of my time; so that I am obliged to intermit my Indian & other philological studies in a great degree. But, if I cannot furnish you with any thing of my own, |47v| I can collect for you the labours of others, which will be of much greater value in your researches.

[c]In relation to my profession, I have lately written for one of our journals (The American Jurist) a little article upon the study of the Roman Law; which I beg you to accept, not as being of any value or interest to you, but only as another humble testimonial of my respect.

It has given me much pain to learn, that you have suffered under a severe illness; I hope it will not be attended with any permanently injurious effects upon your health; <&> especially, that it will not much longer deprive me of the pleasure of hearing from you.

I have the honour to be
with the highest respect
your most obedient
& faithful servant
Boston, United States,
July 23, 1829.

|48r/v vacat|


    1. a |Editor| Textabschnitt von "in the neighbouring State …" bis zum Absatzende ("… to your Indian Library.") am linken Rand mit Bleistift angestrichen.
    2. b |Editor| Textabschnitt von "translation of nearly …" bis "… to decypher the characters" am linken Rand mit Bleistift angestrichen.
    3. c |Editor| Der gesamte Absatz (von "In relation to my profession …" bis "… of any respect.") am linken Rand mit Bleistift angestrichen.

    John Pickering an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 23.07.1829. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/452


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