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Alexander Strong an Christian Friedrich Wurm, 10.08.1829

|1*| Dear Sir

I Receved your friendly c***p***t litter but I am sorry that I am not able to comply with your requist so soon as you wish but I shall be happy to faviour in the object statted in your litter all that lyes in my pour

The Case is altho I am the Author of the Quipoes and was the Owner of the Quipoes it will take me some time befor I can accomadate you with the selection of articules that I should wish to send you for to fulful the object of your entention in publishing them befor the public

The Reson is that I have sold the Quipoes and Mss to Lord Kingsbury |sic|[a] for 60£ about a month ago and his lordship is in the Country at present but I still possiss as much as would as would |sic| give you the information that that |sic| you requist in another Gentlemans hands that I expect in town every day and as soon as I git the articules I shall sat to work for you that will give you every information you can wish for your undertaking but in this you must allow |2*|time as I am at present engaged in my daly labours almost day and night but you may depend upon me using every hour that I am spair in collicting an articule for you which I will send as soon as finished and all that I shall requist of you for my trouble is to send me 2 or 3 copys of the articule that you publish upon the subject or if you put the same into any Revew or magazine so to send me a copy of the same

The opject of my writing at present is to let you know that I recevd your litter and to allow me some time in collecting my metereels as it is my entention to send you an answer as soon as poseble to all your requists in which I shall always be happy to here from you and that you may always depend upon the serves of your most obedent sorvent

A Strong
17 Crown Court PallMall
August 10th 1829

|3* vacat|

Dr Wurm


    1. a |Editor| Gemeint ist Edward King Viscount Kingsborough. [FZ]
    2. b |Editor| Markierung: A

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    • Mueller-Vollmer 1993, S. 290, 291

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