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Claudius Henry Thomsen an Carl Friedrich Neumann, 01.11.1832

|263r| | Handschrift Schreiber|
An Herrn Professor Neumann
in München
| Handschrift Buschmann| Singapore 1.st Nov. 1832.
Dear Sir

I have the pleasure to acknowledge the Receipt of yours dated Berlin 7th July and am glad to find that you purpose to cultivate not only occidental but also oriental Literature on the Continent and that in Berlin and should be glad if it was in my power to furnish matter & means to prosecute such a noble object.

As yet nothing has been p printed in Siamese except one small Christian Tract – Mr Gutzlaff, I believe you know before this has visited several parts of China and in the beginning of Octbr ll * * last month he went on a second Tour to Tartary in the Cylph, he expects (DV) to be down here in Jan|uar|y 1833, when I hope we shall be able to publish some of his numerous works.

In Javanese a Grammar has been published by Mr Brückner |263v| at Samarang – he printed the N. T. last year – he has also compiled a copious Dict|ionar|y but has not the means of publishing it.

Since you visited us, I have effected a revision of the Malay Psalms & the N. T.

I have made & printed a translation or rather a digest of a small Bugis work, of each of these I do myself the pleasure of sending two Copies, one for yourself & one for Count Humboldt – I have now the Engl, Bugis & Malay Vocabulary in the Press, this & the second vol. of the Malay N. T. I hope will be finished by Jan|uar|y Next –

I purpose if possible after that to go for a season to the Celebes to effect a Translation of the Bugis N. T. – this work will furnish materials for a Dicty & Grammar if time & health permit –

I have collected materials for a New & larger Dicty of the Malay but do not know yet whether I shall be able to get |264r| it published – I am rejoiced to hear that Mr Gutzlaff is likely to be joined by a fellow labourer in the Siamese Mission, pray present my christian salutation to Mr Schürman & assure him that I shall give him a hearty & cordial welcome in Singapore with sentiments of Regard & well wishes in your literary pursuits

I am
Dear Sir
your servant
M Thomsen
|264v vacat|

Claudius Henry Thomsen an Carl Friedrich Neumann, 01.11.1832. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/476


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