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James Yates an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 28.08.1829

|1*| Offenbach. August 28th 1829.
My dear Baron,

Having brought with me from London the accompanying small publication, and having an opportunity of sending it to Berlin by my friend D.r Trendelenburg[a], who is returning thither with the family of M.r von Nagler, I have the pleasure of presenting it to you, presuming that, notwithstanding its insignificant appearance, it may be interesting both to you and to your brother. The history of the set of Quipoes, of which this little work presents an abstract, is given in the Westminster Review, N.o XXI. July 1829. The facts there stated prove, as far as I am able to judge, that they contain an original and genuine history of the ancient Peruvians, tho’ I think it is doubtful whether the possessor has succeeded in arriving at the exact interpretation of them.

|2*| I heard with much regret of the severe loss you and your excellent family have sustained by the death of the Baroness von Humboldt, for whom M.rs Yates and I entertained the greatest respect, and whose kind and friendly attentions to us we remember with lively gratitude.

I hope soon to learn in some way, that your brother is safely returned from his present journey; and I beg to subscribe myself with the greatest esteem

Your Excellency’s most ob.t servant,
James Yates.
|3* vacat|

|4*, Anschrift|
His Excellency
the Minister von Humboldt


    1. a |Editor| Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg (1802–1872), Philologe und Pädagoge. Von 1826 bis 1833 Hauslehrer des Sohnes des preußischen General-Postmeisters Karl Ferdinand Friedrich von Nagler. [FZ]

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