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Keturah Metcalfe (Witwe des Rev. John Jeffreys) an Sir Alexander Johnston, 10.08.1830

|155| Copy of a Letter from Mrs Metcalfe[a] to Sir Alexr. Johnston

Mrs Metcalfe is obliged by Sir Alexander Johnston’s favor; which, through a change of abode did not reach her till Saturday. She now takes the earliest opportunity of forwarding her reply, and informs Sir A Johnston that the Grammar of the Malagash Language compiled by her late husband the Rev. J. Jeffreys is complete: to the Dictionary no doubt had his life been spared he would have made many additions, it is however a considerable work in its present state. As it regards publishing this she has never thought of, and the want of means had she, would have put a negative on such a wish. Though this is not in Mrs M’s power she would not therefore prevent the work being published or made use of in any way that may be beneficial to the increase of knowledge or the advancement of literature and she would therefore be willing to lend the work in question committing it to the care of Sir A Johnston on whom she could fully depend to restore it to her again when the purpose for which the loan would be made should be accomplished. The original she could not be tempted to part with, her dear boys she trusts will by & bye look upon it as an invaluable treasure. Thusfar Mrs M has given her own sentiments and feelings as it regards the work, but she could not act without the opinion of her highly respected friend the Revd J Arundel Home Secretary of the Missionary Society with whom – if agreable to Sir A. J. he may communicate on this subject and as being in London he can do it without much trouble: and his opinion known, Mrs Metcalfe |156| would <then> consult her brother the Revd H Yarnold of Romsey who is the Guardian of her dear Children and also the instructor of her two sons, and will be happy to inform Sir A. the result, from him no doubt she will hear when he has seen the Revd J Arundel to whom if agreable Sir A J can show this.

Sir A. J. will excuse the liberty Mrs Metcalfe takes in asking him if he has seen the little work she published for the benefits of her four children the profits of which are carefully deposited for their future use: she has a considerable number of copies on hand, which for their sakes she is most anxious to part with, if Sir A Johnston or his friend the Baron could assist her in this, she would be greatly obliged.

No 11 Prior Park Place
Written about the 10.th of August 1830


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    Keturah Metcalfe (Witwe des Rev. John Jeffreys) an Sir Alexander Johnston, 10.08.1830. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/812


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