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Elias Boudinot an John Pickering, 17.12.1827

|43r| Echota Cher. Na. Dec. 17th 1827
Dear Sir,

I take the liberty to send you the enclosed copy of the prospectus of the Cherokee Phoenix. In this undertaking of the Cherokees, I would not wish to promise much. I hope however that our nothern |sic| friends will not turn off with disdain. I will try to make the paper as respectable as my limited means will allow. I hope you will be so good as to obtain subscribers in Salem, & to return to me the<ir> names of without <delay>. Mr. Worcester[a] is now living here. He will probably write some articles on the C. Language for the Phoenix. He has made astonishing progress in learning the language.

The publication of the 1.t N.o will be delayed over the time stated, but <it> is desireable |sic| that we should have as many Subscribers as possible, before we begin.

I have the honour to be, Sir, Yours respectfully
Elias Boudinott[b]
|43v| Springplace C.N.
Dec. 20
  Paid 2.5<Paid>[c]
Hon. John Pickering
Salem < Boston>[d]
Salem Jan 14 M4[e]

|Anhang| |42r/v, ein gedrucktes Blatt: Prospectus For Publishing at New Echota, in the Cherokee Nation, A Weekly Newspaper, to Be Called the Cherokee Phœnix.|


    1. a |Editor| Anmerkung Pickerings in Bleistift: "M.r Worchester is one of the missionaries."
    2. b |Editor| Darunter von Pickering in Bleistift hinzugefügt: "(Elias Boudinott)"
    3. c |Editor| Streichung und Einfügung von fremder Hand
    4. d |Editor| Streichung und Einfügung von fremder Hand
    5. e |Editor| als runder Stempel

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    Elias Boudinot an John Pickering, 17.12.1827. In: Wilhelm von Humboldt: Online-Edition der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Korrespondenz. Berlin. Version vom 15.03.2023. URL: https://wvh-briefe.bbaw.de/844


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