Alexander Strong an Christian Friedrich Wurm, 20.10.1829

To Doctor Wurm
Bosan Hall[b]

|2*| Sir

I sent Lord Kingsbury  |sic| [c] a copy of your letter with a request to send you a communication and I have **ence had an intervew upon the subject and he declines sending or alowing me to send any portion of the Mss as he entends to publish and make known the articules himself in consequence I am not able to perform my |pro|mice[d] to you but I have taken the liberty |to| send you 2 small papers contaning the whole of the latin words contained the the |sic| first or smallest bunch to satisfye you own curosity I do this upon strick fath fath that you will not publish any part of it at least till Lord Kingsbury his published his &c and I promice if it shall be in my pour to send you a copy of what he may publish upon the subject and I big as faviour of you to send me a copy of what ever you may here plese to |3*|publish upon the subject yourself

for which I will ever Remain your most obednt |sic| Servent
A Strong
October the 20th 1829
10 Bloomburg St vauxhall road London

PS should this letter come to you the way that I expect it will come to you by one of my best friends Dr Bowring but should I not have it ready in time it will come to you by Mr Sennet of 65 Carman St

|4* vacat|


    1. a |Editor| Markierung C.
    2. b |Editor| Gemeint ist: "Börsen-Halle".
    3. c |Editor| Gemeint ist: Edward King Viscount Kingsborough.
    4. d |Editor| Hier ergänzte Buchstaben durch das Öffnen des Siegels verloren.