Richard Clarke an Wilhelm von Humboldt, Datierung unklar

|51r|3 PM Friday
My dear B.

Ellis intended to put forth a series of essays, of which the object was to show the affinity of the dialects of S. India. <but the fates cut his thread too soon.> One on the Telugu is prefixed to Campbell’s Grammar. One on Malayalma was put printed by itself, & I think one on Carnataca. But of this I am not certain. The essay |51v|on Tamil, alas! was never composed. They were printed at the College Press, of which he had the control & superintendance but were not published, nor were they executed under any special sanction of Government.

The inscription, I doubt not, is all comme il faut. I have not seen it, save with your |52r|eyes. But ció mì basta.

Can you bring the Sutton|?| paper to Grafton St. tomorrow? I shall be there.

Sincerely Yours|?|
|52v vacat|