John Pickering an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 22.05.1835

To Baron Wm Humboldt [May 22. 1835]

Sir –

I beg leave to introduce to you my highly valued friends M.r & Ticknor of this place who are now about leaving us to visit Europe; and as you would be the first person on the continent whom I should be interested in seeing, I feel that <I> cannot do them a greater favor than to present them to you.

M.r Ticknor is familiarly acquainted with Europe, by having travelled through it some years ago, & he is doubtless known to you by reputation as a gentleman of talents and of distinction in our literature as well as in other respects. He has often spoken to me of the many kindnesses formerly received by him from Mad. de Humboldt, while at Rome in 1817–18, & from your illustrious brother in Paris & I flatter myself, that the acquaintance of so estimable a man & one whose mind is so richly stored with knowledge of every kind, & of a lady of such highly cultivated talents & elegant accomplishments as Ticknor, will afford you as much pleasure as I am sure they will receive from your society. I commend them to your kind attentions with all that earnestness which your past kindness authorizes me to express in the case of friends for whom I have so warm a regard

I am &.c