George Ticknor an John Pickering, 20.01.1828

|1*| My dear Sir,

Mr. J. Burton Harrison, a young Lawyer of Virginia, educated at Hampden Sydney but spending two years afterwards at Cambridge, is about sailing for Europe, in order to spend a year or two in pursuit of the ancient Languages in Germany & then come home & take the place of Professor in the University of Virginia. I have known him about five years & have no doubt of his entire respectability. Can you do him the favour to give him a line to W. von Humboldt saying if you please, that it is at the |2*|request of a person who had the pleasure of seeing Mad. de H. very often at Rome? If you can will you be so good as to bring it this Evening – for we count much on the hope, that you will not disappoint us again.

Yrs. very faithfully.
Geo: Ticknor.
Sunday Morning

Perhaps it would be best not to mention, in the letter, the promise he has of the Chair at Charlottesville. –

To John Pickering Esq. [a]


    1. a |Editor| Darüber in Pickerings Handschrift: Mr. Ticknor [Jan. 20. 1828]